WATCH VIDEO: I-976 Eyman versus Socialist Kshama Sawant and the Seattle City Clown-cil. Here’s how I defended taxpayers, initiative process, and I-976.

by | Oct 9, 2019

What a circus! The Seattle City Clown-cil had a hearing on their government resolution telling citizens how to vote on Initiative 976.

Please take a minute and watch my testimony:

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KOMO TV did a story on it:

*  “It is completely dishonest to be taxing people on a $10,000 car and taxing it as if was a $25,000 car,” Eyman told the council.

Major contributions from Microsoft, Amazon, Vulcan have raised more than $2.5 million — This may be the only time councilmember Kshama Sawant, a well known socialist, sides with big business on an issue. “It’s absolutely critical that the state’s voters reject I-976,” Sawant said.

“They are just pigs at the trough, they are the ones getting the money,” Eyman said.

“We have to have this revenue to make sure our economy functions,” said councilmember Teresa Mosqueda.

Really? The economy can’t function without dishonest taxes? Gimme a break. 

* “Over the last two and a half years the legislature has had a chance to fix this dishonest, artificially inflated valuation system but they have refused to do it,” Eyman said. “Why did they refuse to do it? They will never limit taxes.”

*  The council voted unanimously 7-0 for a resolution calling for voters to vote no on I-976.

Before this 4pm hearing (around 10 am), I sent an email to Sawant and the Council (bcc’d to the media) that read, in part: “Kshama: my question to you is: what would you be doing right now if Amazon was ripping off its customers, artificially inflating product prices to take more than they should? You’d be upset, wouldn’t you? But here, because it’s the government taxing a $10,000 vehicle like it’s $25k, you defend the dishonesty and do Amazon’s dirty work for them. Doesn’t that make you feel hypocritical? Why do you oppose helping the workers keep more of what they earn?”

She never responded. 

Full steam ahead on I-976.