Wenatchee trip highlighted by “Activist of the Year” award going to Ben Holten who beat Jay Inslee with his #LetUsFish rallies.

by | May 28, 2020

WENATCHEE: Fantastic group of supporters showed up for our rally. I went there to celebrate Chelan and Douglas county citizens suing to overturn Inslee’s lockdown.

The highlight for me was presenting Ben Holten, a lifelong Washingtonian from Wenatchee, with our 2020 Activist of the Year Award. With his wildly successful #LetUsFish rallies, Ben beat Jay Inslee. After Ben’s final rally on Lake Union, the next day Inslee buckled and backed down and opened up fishing in Washington. 

Ben told me later that BEFORE Inslee backed down, there were some sportsmen behind-the-scenes criticizing him for his aggressive rallies — they said he shouldn’t go out in public at all because if he did, he’d be criticized for it. They said if he was too confrontational, it’d backfire.   

Ben didn’t let his critics determine his path. He traveled the state and his courage drew support from those who were angry and from those who were afraid. He gave people hope. 

By being a fearless leader, Ben beat Jay Inslee.

My trip to Wenatchee also gave me the chance to comment on Inslee’s lockdown with the local media:

“There’s kind of this confluence of awfulness that’s happening there in Wenatchee, but there’s also this confluence of optimism that there’s citizens that fight back,” Eyman said…

Eyman was critical of Inslee’s reopening strategy. “Doing it at the beginning made sense to a lot of people but once he stopped asking the Legislature for permission and just started doing things unilaterally without any legislative authorization, I just thought he crossed the line into, if not unconstitutionality, then completely non-representative democracy decision making,” Eyman said. He added, “And right now the people are frustrated, they’ve got one arrogant, bumbling, incompetent governor that seems to enjoy the fact that he’s on this big power trip. Not that I feel strongly about it.”

Eyman capped his rally by presenting Wenatchee resident Ben Holten an award for “Activist of the Year” on behalf of activist group, Permanent Offense. Holten helped organize the #LetUsFish protests sparked by a statewide ban on fishing. The ban was lifted the day after protests across the state on April 26.”


Ben shows us that bullies can be beaten — if we have the courage to fight back.

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