We’re confident voters will get to vote on I-1366 in November

by | Sep 2, 2015

 No news is good news. 

        Our Initiative 1366 is on the ballot — the lower court judge rejected opponents’ desperate plea to remove it.  So it will take action by the state supreme court on or before Friday to prevent the people from voting on it.  In our state’s 100 year initiative history, no court has ever removed a statewide initiative from the ballot after it has been certified by the Secretary of State.  There have been 2 unanimous state supreme court rulings — Coppernol‘s 9-0 decision in 2005 and Futurewise‘ 9-0 decision in 2007 — that rejected lawsuits just like this one.

         From 2007:  Chief Justice Alexander, writing for the unanimous court, summarily dismissed the notion of preelection review of initiatives, arguing that ‘Such review, if engaged in, would involve the court in rendering advisory opinions, would violate ripeness requirements, would undermine the policy of avoiding unnecessary constitutional questions, and would constitute unwarranted judicial meddling with the legislative process.'”

         But there’s been a bright silver lining to our opponents’ undemocratic lawsuit:  it ended up really helping the campaign for I-1366.  With I-1366, the more you know about it, the more you support it.  Their lawsuit put a mega-spotlight on I-1366’s policies and educated the media and the public about what it does and doesn’t do.  And that mega-spotlight hit I-1366 during the normally low-media-coverage months of July and August.  Every initiative campaign begs for free media attention and opponents’ lawsuit gave that to I-1366 big time.

        Certainly the $17.5 billion in higher taxes imposed by this year’s Legislature vividly illustrates why I-1366 is necessary.  It’s why I-1366 is called the Taxpayer Protection Act — it’s needed to protect us from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.

        Whenever anyone asks why I-1366 is needed, we simply respond “Did you see how tax-obsessed this year’s Legislature was?” 

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