We’ve gotta pick up the pace to get enough signatures for $30 Tabs Initiative by the December 31 deadline!!

by | Jul 18, 2018

Our $30 Tabs Initiative is really popular. Taxpayers are justifiably furious that their vehicle tab bills are skyrocketing. It’s because governments are knowingly and purposely inflating the value of our vehicles so they can artificially inflate the taxes they impose on us. And despite widespread public outrage about it, politicians have only talked about “addressing the problem”, they’ve repeatedly refused to fix it.

That’s why voters are eager to sign our petitions because Initiative 976 actually fixes the problem by completely repealing that dishonest valuation schedule and replacing it with a flat $30 charge to register your vehicles, including all your family and friends’ cars, SUVs, trucks (10,000 lbs or less), vans, RVs, motorcycles, motor homes, etc.

PC: Renton ReporterImagine paying just $30 to license your vehicle.

Imagine how great it’ll feel to fight back against governments’ insatiable tax appetite and to tell those politicians we’re sick and tired of their threats, lies, and scare tactics.

Regarding the signature drive for our $30 Tabs Initiative, for the past 3 months we were fortunate. Out-of-state petitioners flocked to Washington state to carry petitions for the multi-million-dollar campaigns for the carbon tax initiative, the gun-grabbers initiative, and the no-groceries-tax initiative. Those campaigns spent huge sums of money to get those professionals to come to Washington, buying them plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and offered top-dollar pay with bonuses and other incentives to stay here.

And while those out-of-state petitioners were here, they also carried petitions for our $30 Tabs Initiative.

Our initiative was, by far, the most popular of the 4 initiatives that were out there and voters happily signed our petitions. So from mid-April until early July, our volunteers and paid petitioners collected 202,172 signatures.

That’s fantastic progress.

But right after the 3 mega-expensive initiative campaigns turned in their signatures on July 7th, those out-of-state petitioners left.

So now we’re on our own.

When we launched I-976, we admitted we made a mistake last year: we only accentuating the positive and didn’t adequately convey the challenges.

We won’t make that mistake again.

We have to collect the rest of the signatures with just our in-state supporters by the December 31st deadline.

To do that, we need to raise a lot more money. Me selling off my family’s retirement fund and loaning the campaign $500,000 really inspired folks to donate. But we need a lot more.

We need more supporters to contact me and get petitions. We need more supporters asking folks to sign.

We need to take advantage of all the great summer events and collect signatures while the weather is good.

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