What are Senate Republicans waiting for? Tell them to get SJR 8211 on the Senate floor for a vote

by | Feb 2, 2016

In 2014, there was JUST ONE floor vote on Senator Pam Roach’s 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment bill.  Every single member of the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus voted for it.  Every swing district Democrat voted against it.  Worst of all, Democrat Senator Steve Hobbs from Lake Stevens didn’t show up for the vote, preferring to hide in his office.  He hung a sign on his door that said “In a meeting.”  

         But because the Senate Republicans scheduled just one vote, Hobbs got away with it.  What if the Republicans had scheduled a 2nd vote one week later?  And a 3rd?  And a 4th?  Then Steve Hobbs would have been forced to show up or look like the coward he is by hiding in his office every time there was a vote.

        Let’s not make that mistake again in 2016. 

         We ask everyone to urge the Senate Republicans to put Senator Roach’s SJR 8211 on the Senate floor for a vote again and again and again.  This is a short legislative session.  The only way they’re going to win the vote on SJR 8211 is by continually forcing swing district Democrats to choose between their constituents and their Seattle-obsessed caucus.  

          What are Senate Republicans waiting for?  Senator Roach’s SJR 8211 was approved last week and now sits in the Rules committee.  At any time, they can get it on the calendar for a vote.  Then during that Senate vote, the public will get to hear floor speeches with the reason and rationale for each Senator’s vote.  

       This is a short legislative session, so there’s gotta be a 1st vote before there’s a 2nd or a 3rd.

       URGENT:  Send an email RIGHT NOW to Senate Republicans. Write something like this (feel free to add more, tell ’em how you feel):

“What are you waiting for?  Get Pam Roach’s SJR 8211 on the Senate floor for a vote ASAP.  We want to hear floor speeches from Republican and Democrat Senators letting the people vote.  And after that vote, make sure to bring it up again and again and again.  6 times the voters have approved the 2/3, it’s critical for the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus to be equally persistent.”

        Here are the 26 STATE SENATORS who comprise the Majority Coalition Caucus in the Senate (cut and paste these into the “To” line of your email):


          It’s critical that these Senators hear from us IMMEDIATELY, RIGHT NOW, TODAY.  

          Please help us keep fighting.  We need your financial support to continue fighting for taxpayers in the courts, in the legislature, and with our initiatives.  Please make a donation today.  As long as we keep the pressure on, we will continue to make it tougher for Olympia to take more of the people’s money.           

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© 2020 Permanent Offense