What I accomplished today with my lawsuit against Democrat AG Bob Ferguson (challenging his totally biased description of a liberal initiative)

by | Oct 9, 2018

On my Facebook page yesterday, I asked supporters to pray for me regarding today’s hearing. We must remember that God answers all prayers — but His answer is often no.

Here’s what happened:

5 weeks ago, I filed a persuasive legal challenge to the Attorney General’s biased description of a liberal initiative. Throughout my communications with the AG and with the initiative sponsor and his attorney, we all agreed that we’d be willing to accept electronic service (meaning all the paperwork could be emailed to one another).

So I arrived this morning in court wearing a respectable suit and tie, ready to argue how hopelessly biased the AG’s description was and to ask the judge to rewrite it.

But in court this morning, the attorney for the initiative sponsor said that I had failed to “properly” serve his client. The rule that requires “service” exists to give all affected parties notice that there is a legal challenge so as to give them ample opportunity to participate and be heard.

But sitting in court was the initiative sponsor. Sitting in court was the high-priced attorney representing the initiative sponsor. So they were there in court because they were given repeated notice that there was a hearing today. All parties had filed legal briefs with the court. We were all there.

But the judge ruled that because I hadn’t “perfected” service that the legal challenge was not “properly before the court” and dismissed my lawsuit.

In other words, I wasn’t allowed to argue why the ballot title was biased because the initiative sponsor and his attorney weren’t properly served even though they were there.

Really? Is it any wonder that regular citizens have lost faith in the “justice” system?

Ferguson’s ballot title for this liberal initiative was so obviously skewed and warped in favor of the measure that no self-respecting judge could possibly uphold it. But by dismissing the lawsuit on technical, procedural grounds, the judge never had to consider OR EVEN HEAR the merits of my argument. So the AG’s biased ballot title was left unchanged.

But I’m always a glass-is-half-full guy. There are silver linings everywhere in life, even though sometimes you have to squint to see them.

Here’s what I accomplished by challenging Ferguson’s ballot title for Initiative 1000:

* The signature drive for Initiative 1000 had been launched on Tues, Aug 28. But my legal challenge, filed the following day on Wed Aug 29, stopped it. That resulted in their campaign having to suspend their collection of signatures until the court would rule on my legal challenge. That was today. So instead of starting on Aug 28, their signature drive was delayed until Oct 9. That’s over 5 weeks. I didn’t do the legal challenge to gratuitously delay their signature drive — I did it because I truly believed a judge would rule the title was biased and rewrite it. But because my challenge was dismissed on technical, procedural grounds, the wording stays the same. But that 5 week delay easily added over a million dollars to their signature drive. That’s a million dollars that’s going to be spent on paid petitioners and not on legislative races, congressional races, and other liberal initiative campaigns.

That’s a pretty darn bright silver lining.

What do you think? I’d love to hear what you think about it.

We still got a ways to go to get enough signatures for the $30 Tabs Initiative. I know IF EVERYONE DOES THEIR PART with donations and signatures we can make it.

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