When I confronted Jay Inslee, it was because of his lies, his arrogance, and the chaos of inaction. Judge’s ruling for 976 shocked him. Here’s latest.

by | Feb 25, 2020

No wonder Jay Inslee’s public approval numbers are plummeting.

Voters overwhelmingly passed I-976 and instead of implementing $30 Tabs, Jay Inslee is blocking them.

Millions of vehicle owners are being forced to pay taxes and fees eliminated by the initiative, and Jay Inslee is doing nothing about it.

And instead of bread & circuses to distract the masses, Jay Inslee promised refund checks.

And when I found out that wasn’t true, I confronted him.

In a public hearing room during Q&A, I asked him if ALL the repealed taxes and fees were going to be refunded, or just some of them. He didn’t answer. I asked 4 times, he refused to answer 4 times.

He said voters needed to “move along.”


Jay Inslee doesn’t care what voters want.

Voters passed $30 tabs for the 3rd time. He didn’t care.

When a King County judge put the initiative on hold, Jay Inslee called voters stupid and said we were “confused.”


Inslee’s arrogance and inaction have resulted in chaos.

A recent news story revealed that Yakima vehicle owners will never get a refund for the local vehicle fees they’re paying. Randy Beehler, the city’s spokesman, said “no refunds.”

But in the city of Orting, their council voted unanimously to waive local vehicle fees. “‘They passed it,’ mayor Josh Penner said, and he would like citizens to keep their money.”

But the taxpayers of Orting and Yakima and all taxpayers must continue to pay vehicle taxes and fees that the voters voted to eliminate because of Jay Inslee’s arrogance and inaction.

The voters are not Jay Inslee’s priority — his only priority is himself:  

  • Jay Inslee didn’t hesitate to squander $5 million on a failed vanity run for President. When asked to refund the money, he said no.
  • After being rejected for the top job, he’s come back here for his consolation prize: a 3rd term.
  • When asked if he’ll serve all 4 years, he replied “I have every intention” of sticking around.
  • Let me translate that into English: “If reelected, I’m outta here as soon as I get a better job offer.”

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I love you all.


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