Which Senators support the initiative process? Help us find out

by | Feb 10, 2014

 Last year, Senator Pam Roach (R-Auburn) held a hugely successful hearing on 4 pro-initiative bills.  The 4 bills would make the initiative process work better (details below).  The testimony by citizens was overwhelmingly positive.  Senator Roach had her committee vote and all 4 bills passed out of committee, some unanimously.  

          Even though the 4 bills are common sense and very popular, none of them were brought up for a floor vote last session.  That’s because members of the Senate Rules Committee didn’t hear from the people. 

          Here’s your chance to encourage them to bring these bills to the Senate floor and have a debate and vote on them.  This being an election year, these are great issues to have votes on.  These bills are difficult for anyone to argue against.

          Please cut and paste these email addresses into the “To” line of your email: 

         Send them an email that says something like this:  “Please put these pro-initiative bills on the Senate floor for a debate and a vote.  I want to know which Senators support the initiative process and which ones don’t.”  Your email will be even more persuasive if you tell them what you think about the initiative process and what you like about these bills.  We like that they would make the initiative process work better for everyone.

Senator Roach’s bill (Senate Bill 5505) — Guaranteeing that valid voter signatures on petitions count — passed unanimously out of committee:  http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5505&year=2013

Senator Benton’s bill (Senate Bill 5499) — Extending time to collect initiative signatures — a great bipartisan bill that is co-sponsored by Senator Hasagawa (D-Renton): http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5499&year=2013

Senator Braun’s bill (Senate Bill 5676) — Redact (black out) the personal signature of petition-signers before petitions are publicly released — passed unanimously out of committee: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5676&year=2013

Senator River’s bill (Senate Bill 5347) — Assuring the people’s right to vote on initiatives that submit sufficient valid voter signatures — polling on this is a whopping 70% yes and only 13% no:  http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5347&year=2013


          We’re moving full steam ahead on the 2/3 Constitutional Amendment Initiative I-1325.  Petitions were mailed out on Friday.  It’s really exciting.

          What do we need RIGHT NOW?  Your financial support.  We need a big war-chest to print up petitions and mail them to hundreds of thousands of voters throughout the state.  We need your help.