With Volunteer Signature Drives Like This One, It All Boils Down To What Comes In At The End.

by | Jun 28, 2019

Being an initiative sponsor requires being both a rah-rah cheerleader but also a demanding coach for the team.

Here’s Tim, rah-rah cheerleader: 

I’ve never seen anything like this. The groundswell of citizen participation for this signature drive for 1648 is off-the-charts.

And that’s thanks to all of you, the incredible team of heroic supporters who’ve supported our efforts over the past 22 years.

And it’s because of the unprecedented support from the Facebook group Washington for I1648 (go to FB and in the search bar, just type in: Washington for I1648).

This FB group is the brainchild of 1648 superstars Mike McKee, Cary Condotta, Shelley Sieverkropp, & Kim Thompson. Starting from scratch just one month ago, they invited committed kamikazes to join up. They hoped for 300. They hit 3000 members in 3 days, then 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and now they’re 9600+ members strong (can they hit 10K by Sunday? Help make that happen – join them and invite your friends to join them too). 

And all of that has been supercharged by across-the-board enthusiastic support for 1648 from those heroes on talk radio: John Carlson, Kirby Wilbur, Lars Larson, Saul Spady, Dori Monson, and others. 

Every piston is firing. We’re buried in requests for petitions and we’re scrambling to keep up. So all signs point to us turning in a record number of signatures that easily qualifies I-1648 for a vote in November.

Here’s Tim, the demanding coach: 

With volunteer signature drives, it all boils down to what comes in at the end. It’s called the wave. No one knows how big the wave is gonna be. This one feels like it’s gonna be a tsunami.

So we’ve gotta finish strong. 

So the 5 of us (and many more) are doing a “LAST DASH” convoy across the state the morning of the deadline.  It’s to do petition pickups for all the signatures collected on July 4 (that’s right, Independence Day). So we’ll be doing petition pickups all across Washington state on Friday, July 5 with all of us meeting at the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia (520 Union Ave), for the 2 pm petition turn-in and rallying there until 5 pm. You’re welcome to join the convoy or turn-in your petitions directly to the Secretary of State anytime that day. Make sure every signature counts.

So if you’ve signed the petition, fantastic, but don’t stop there:  ask for a petition and collect signatures from now ’til the end.

If you’ve been collecting signatures and filled up one sheet, awesome job, but don’t stop there: ask me for more petitions and collect even more. 

If you’ve got 5 petition sheets filled up, that’s incredible. But keep going and get even more. 

If you’ve collected 1000 signatures so far, shoot for 1100.

Challenge yourself to do more.   

What are we fighting for? 1648 puts those dirty dog politicians on a short leash. It expires $27 billion in new taxes on December 5 (section 2, subsection 2) and expires future tax hikes after one year (section 2, subsection 1). 

John Carlson captured it nicely:

“If you want to give Olympia the finger, this is how you do it.”