Worse than a tax increase: raising taxes on some to reduce taxes on others

by | Apr 29, 2015

Families are struggling.  Many businesses are barely hanging on.  

         Nonetheless, the white hot obsession in Olympia is for them to raise taxes.  There are now legions of multi-billion dollar tax packages.  New state incomes taxes, higher property taxes, higher gas taxes and car tab taxes, etc.  $43 billion+ tax hikes proposed in the House, $26 billion+ tax hikes from the Senate.   

         Their stated reason is:  government needs more money (we don’t believe they do, but that’s a separate issue).  

         OK, fine:  if you say you want more money, then propose a tax increase to take more of our money (we think that’s a horrible thing to do given the precarious position taxpayers and businesses are in — but at least it’s consistent.

          What’s worse than a tax increase?  Raising taxes on some while reducing taxes for others.  Biblically, it’s called “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” 

          And it’s totally inconsistent:  if the government is raising taxes because they say they need more money, why are they reducing taxes on others?

          It’s done to get taxpayers pitted against one another.  To get people envious of one another.  To get citizens to “covet thy neighbors’ goods.”  

          It’s divisive and sleazy.    

          As politicians divide and conquer, we must recognize a basic truth:  UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.  

           The 2/3 vote requirement for higher taxes protects all of us — individuals and businesses — from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite. 

           “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”  Benjamin Franklin

          It is critical we get the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative on the ballot.  This legislative session has illustrated how scary Olympia is without the 2/3.  Voters deserve the chance to put the 2/3 protection in our state Constitution.

           Success is the only option with the signature drive for I-1366.  Please help us make it happen.