Yes, we CAN do $30 Tabs Initiative and “Give Them Nothing” Referendum at the same time -they help each other

by | Oct 31, 2018

Do politicians deserve a 20% bonus?  Does Inslee?  Does Ferguson?  Does the State Supreme Court?  

The overwhelming response to our new campaign to veto politicians’ 20% bonuses shows that the answer to the above questions is an emphatic:  “NO!”

Without a 20% bonus, Inslee will be forced to scrape by on $354K in salary over the next 2 years.  I think he’ll survive on that paltry sum as Washington’s taxpayers subsidize his extravagant lifestyle as he runs for President.

Without a 20% bonus, Ferguson gets $322K next 2 years during his sue-conservatives-to-impress-his-liberal-base run for governor in 2020.  He can have a yard sale if he needs more.

After years of goofy decisions that twist the Constitution into a progressive pretzel, the 9 uber-liberal judges on the state supreme court will have to muddle through on $380K salaries for the next 2 years.  They’re gonna starve if we stop them from getting 20% bonuses.

Help us make this effort a success.

STEP 1:  If you haven’t done it yet, go to our new webpage and sign the online petition: 

STEP 2:  Please donate (online or mail-in):

Does the Legislature deserve a 20% bonus?  OK, let’s talk about that:

For the past 2 years, taxpayers have been screaming at the Legislature about our skyrocketing car tab taxes.  And yet, despite the citizens’ clear overwhelming message, the Legislature has done absolutely nothing, forcing us to do an initiative that gets rid of the dishonest, artificially inflated charges on our vehicles.  Do politicians deserve 20% bonuses when we have to do their jobs for them?

Every politician in Olympia knows that the current vehicle valuation schedule artificially inflates the value of our vehicles so that our tax bills are dishonestly higher than they should be.  Every politician knows that voters have twice repealed this unfair schedule.  Every politician has heard from constituents furious about their skyrocketing car tab taxes.

And yet, they’ve done absolutely nothing about it.

Now, this year, due largely to legislative inaction, we are getting closer and closer to qualifying our $30 Tabs Initiative for a public vote.

In early July, we reached 202K signatures.

In late September, we hit 250K.

Getting the final 75,000 signatures by the Dec 31 deadline is moving forward but it’s getting a lot tougher.  The weather is turning bad and the holidays are upon us.

There’s no doubt that the decision by my wife Karen and I to sell off our retirement fund and loan $500K to the signature drive has inspired a lot of folks to donate.  But we need a lot more.  We’ve still got paid petitioners out there getting signatures so we need everyone to donate (either online or mail-in):

Top 5 Contributors: Suzanne Burke, Puget Sound Chapter NECA PAC, Andrew Skotdal, Tim Eyman, Thomas O’Brien

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