YOU DID IT!! Thanks to your heroic efforts, 334,044+ voter signatures turned in

by | Jul 2, 2015

Congratulations everyone.  Today at 5 pm is the deadline for turning in voter signatures for initiatives.  The Secretary of State recommends 325,000.  Later today, 334,044+ voter signatures for I-1366 will be turned in to the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia.  That many signatures absolutely guarantees that the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative I-1366 will be on this November’s ballot.

        Such an extraordinary accomplishment can only happen if a huge number of people help.  That’s what happened here.  First and foremost, 334K+ voters voluntarily chose to sign an I-1366 petition.  For them to have that opportunity, thousands of our heroic supporters asked those 334K+ voters to sign those petitions.  Nearly a thousand supporters contributed some of their hard-earned money to help fund the I-1366 campaign.  Those donations came from housewives, farmers, engineers, construction workers, public employees, students, business leaders, and retired people. 

        In the past 10 days, there was an explosion of support that got Initiative 1366 over the finish line.  We want to share what many of these supporters had to say:

From Paul Sanders:  “Mailed in another $100 today (on top of my previous $100).  I’ve supported your initiatives for years, but let me tell you:  this is the most important one yet!  Good work!  We need everyone to make this happen.”

Marshall Mering:   

Tim, I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet and live on a fixed income but my wife and I just donated $100 to help stem the tide of tax increases of an inflated government that needs to learn to live within their means and not create a new program, division or office just because a special interest deems it necessary.  Keep up the good work.”

Joan Schmidt (donated $1000 in March, $1000 in April, $150, $250, and $250 in early June):  “I can’t afford to give anymore — but I’m donating another $500 anyway!  I’ll adjust some of my other bills to make room.  I’m absolutely furious with Olympia right now.  All I’m seeing are tax hungry politicians looking out for themselves and to hell with the taxpayers.  I-1366 is our only way to fight back.”

Mark VanHorne:  “Tim, here’s another $100 in addition to my 3 previous donations.  In the past 2 days, the governor and legislature have made the case for 1366 with their massive tax increases.  Their greed for our money is insatiable.  Our only defense is to get this initiative on the ballot and passed.  Good thing we’ve got them helping us. 🙂

Tracy Wilson (donated $10K in February):  “Just made a donation for another $2000.  I-1366 is the most important initiative in years.  We can pay into this cause now, or pay more in taxes to the government later, the choice is ours.”

Bob Eberle (donates $50 every month):  “Just mailed in another $200.  If politicians actually listened to the people, initiatives like I-1366 wouldn’t be necessary.  Thank you Tim for giving us taxpayers a voice.”

From Oliver Hidden (donated $10K in March and another $2K in early June):  “Tim, I can’t believe you aren’t flooded with $$$$$ to stop these IDIOTS in Olympia in their never ending spending spree.  I will send another $2,000.  Hopefully everyone will send more in this week.”

From Phil Carter:  “I just contributed $200 … I really appreciate your relentless defense of the taxpayer.  Good luck.”

From George Reece:  “I’m sending in $2000.  I’m happy to be a part of this initiative.  Not only is it the right thing to do, it is essential to keep our children and grandchildren from paying more taxes for excessive, big government.  Let’s avoid becoming California.”

From Larry Sundquist:  “Tim, fantastic job of getting so close to your goal.  Here is another $2,000 (on top of my previous $1k).  We have to get this passed to stop all of these crazy tax ideas they won’t stop rolling out.”

From Jon Monson (donated $10k in March and another $5k in early June):  “Count me in for another $5000.  We can’t allow this to fall short.  The constant push for a state income tax shows why this initiative is essential.  I really admire your guts and tenacity, Tim.”

From Alan Pratt:  “The initiative forces Olympia to be fiscally responsible.  I love it.  I’ll do my part:  put me down for $500.  Later today, I’ll send you some more prospects for you to contact.”

From Rose Rotella (who had previously donated $10,000 in March):  I will mail an additional 5K.  I do appreciate the dedication and effort you have given to all of this.”

     I-1366 has also received strong support from: 

WASHINGTON STATE LIBERTARIAN PARTY (Statement by Chairman Steven Nielson):  “The Libertarian Party supports I‐1366 because it provides a permanent solution, ending the legislature’s persistent habit of overturning the will of the people in their quest for government growth.  With the voters’ support, Washington State will not stand alone in requiring in its state constitution a higher vote threshold for tax increases.  We will be joining 17 other states who already constitutionally restrict the ability of their legislatures to rely on taxation as a first resort.  The voters’ overwhelming approval of Initiative 1366 in November will send a resounding message to the Legislature that the decades long power struggle over the wealth of Washingtonians is coming to a close.  We are proud to stand with Mr. Eyman and support his best pro‐liberty initiative to date ‐‐ Initiative 1366.”

WASHINGTON STATE REPUBLICAN PARTY (Statement by Mark Hulst, State Committeeman for Skagit County):  “As vice-chair of the Resolutions Committee, it was my honor and responsibility to shepherd I-1366 through our Party’s endorsement process.  I’m proud to say that in May the WSRP’s full state committee overwhelmingly voted in favor of formally supporting I-1366.  Voters have 5 times approved a 2/3 vote requirement for the Legislature to raise taxes — we strongly support I-1366 so the voters can make that protection permanent for the taxpayers of Washington.”

NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION – PUGET SOUND CHAPTER (statement by Executive Director Barry Sherman):  “Our Board has supported the 2/3 policy for over a decade because it gives individuals and businesses predictability and stability, helping our economy thrive.  We welcome the chance for the voters to make this 2/3 policy permanent with a constitutional amendment.”

CITIZENS COMMITTEE FOR THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS (Statement by Chairman Alan Gottlieb):  “This is Tim Eyman’s best initiative so far,” Gottlieb said.  “Once voters approve a ‘2/3-For-Taxes’ Constitutional Amendment, gun owners in Washington will have an added layer of common-sense protection against tax-happy gun-grabbers.  Seventeen states already have a super majority vote requirement for higher taxes in their state constitutions so CCRKBA is proud to give its full endorsement to Initiative 1366.”

Statement by Sen. Mike Baumgartner (R-Spokane) and Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale):  “As members of the state senate we believe that a 2/3 requirement for tax increases or to create new taxes will accomplish many positive things for the people of Washington.  First, let us be clear, the ability of the government to take the hard earned dollars from the people of Washington should be treated differently from other types of legislation.  The power of the state to take these dollars has a huge impact on our families and our communities.  The more the government takes, the less families have to spend on what they consider to be priorities.  The only way to control the size and growth of government is to make it more difficult to raise taxes.  Now is the time for leadership from all corners of our state to support this important initiative.  Please join us in supporting and endorsing Initiative 1366, the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative.”

       Initiative 1366 is called the “Taxpayer Protection Act” for a reason:  it’s all about protecting the taxpayers from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.  Whenever people ask why our initiative is necessary, all we say is “Did you see how tax-obsessed Olympia was this year?”

       For months, we’ve been saying “Please help us make it happen.” 

       Thanks to your heroic efforts, we can now proudly say:  Thank you for making it happen.”            

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