YOU NEED TO JUMP ON THIS — Wed, 11 Am, Sec Of State’s Office, Olympia — Additional Details On It

by | Oct 23, 2018

ADDITIONAL DETAILS:  Let’s be clear, we’re gonna have a very short timeframe to collect signatures for our new ballot measure.  So tomorrow’s kick-off at the Secretary of State’s office and our email update at 11 am is the starting gun and that means everyone, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, is gonna have to jump on this (you’ll need to jump with as much enthusiasm as I did in the photo above).

Tomorrow, when you see the new t-shirts and the new web page, you’ll know that this NEEDS to be done.

Here’s the update from yesterday:

On Wednesday, we’re gonna make history 

Every year, we work really hard to file and qualify ballot measures.  It starts out as our proposal when we file it, it quickly becomes thesigners’ proposal when John Hancocks start rolling in, it then morphs into the people’s proposal if it qualifies, and finally it transforms itself into a citizen law when voters pass it.  I absolutely love every stage of the initiative process.  I enjoy the surprises — things don’t always go the way everyone expects.

This Wednesday at 11 am at the Secretary of State’s office is going to be another one of those days.

After 20 years of doing initiatives, the 3 of us are truly blessed.  It’s incredibly gratifying for us to put forth ideas that respond to the very real frustrations by the electorate.  Each ballot measure is different, each has different policies, but thematically they’re all the same:  each ballot measure is a reminder to the politicians that we don’t work for themthey work for us.  That we, the people, are the employer, and the politicians are the employees (they constantly forget that).  And most importantly, each of our ballot measures puts a limit on the governments’ power over us.

On the ballot this year, there are way too many ballot measures that put limits on the people.  We need more that restrain the governments’ power.

When you get our email update on Wed at 11 am, it’s absolutely critical that you share it and forward it to everyone you know.  When you first see it, you’re gonna smile.  When you read it, you’re gonna laugh.  When you fully understand it, you’re gonna love it.  Wednesday is gonna be a great day.

Now let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program:

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