BEYOND ABSURD: AG Ferguson’s Lawsuit Asks For A Lifetime Ban On All My Future Political Activity

by | Oct 27, 2020

I’m 54 years old.

I’ve dedicated my life to being a political activist who utilizes initiatives to fight for taxpayers.

With the help of tens of thousands of supporters over the past 22 years, we’ve qualified 17 statewide initiatives for a public vote. This amazing accomplishment was done at great personal and financial risk (2018 “Eyman’s sells off retirement fund to kickstart $30 Tabs Initiative,” 2015 “Eyman takes out 2nd mortgage for 2/3 initiative”, 2011 “Eyman still in debt from 2/3 initiative,” 2010 “Eyman seeks help to recoup loan for 2/3 initiative,” and 2008: “Eyman mortgages house for initiative,” and the biggie in 2018 “Legal costs drive Eyman into bankruptcy”).

Our initiatives have saved taxpayers over $43 billion so far (and billions more by stopping all sorts of tax increases:

How much, on average, did we raise and spend in campaign contributions to qualify those 17 initiatives for a public vote: $672,000.

The average cost was nearly twice that — $1.2 million — to qualify the other 44 initiatives that were sponsored by others during that same time frame.

So we get our initiatives on the ballot for nearly half the cost as others do.

And all of them limit governments’ power.

That makes us a huge threat to arrogant politicians, corrupt judges, and their cheerleaders in the media.

So it’s no surprise that politicians like Democrat AG Bob Ferguson want to shut that down. After 8 years of investigation and litigation, Ferguson’s lawsuit explicitly seeks a lifetime ban on all my future political activity. I wrote about it in a legal brief last year:

“If the State’s proposed lifetime ban is imposed on me, sex offenders will have greater free speech rights than I will (Packingham v North Carolina, 137 S. Ct. 173). I will be barred from ‘managing, controlling, negotiating, or directing financial transactions of any kind for any political committee in the future’ – but convicted felons will not. The absurdity of the State’s position is difficult to overstate.”

“The State’s threatened injunction is incredibly broad and hopelessly vague – it would be impossible to comply with while exercising my First Amendment rights. The State’s proposed penalty doesn’t just punish me for alleged past wrongs, it punishes me in the future by altogether prohibiting political speech I haven’t even contemplated yet. I am 53 years old. I have been organizing and promoting initiatives for over 20 years and I fully intend to continue doing so for another 20-30 years. There are a lot of voters who support the ideas I promote. But even if no one did, I should still have the right to express those ideas in the political arena via citizen initiatives without being muzzled.”

How is that legal or constitutional? 

It’s not.

But by spending nearly $2 million of taxpayer money aggressively attacking me and my family, Ferguson hoped to break me. During mandatory arbitration a few months ago, the AG told my attorney Richard Sanders that the State would only stop if I “voluntarily” agreed to the lifetime ban.

I called it blackmail and refused to go along with it.

People don’t like bullies and they recognize political persecution when they see it.

Thanks to you, I’m still here and I’m still fighting. 

Please help me survive it.

I really need your help to survive AG Bob Ferguson’s investigation / litigation / persecution of me and my family. The only reason we’re still here is thanks to the heartfelt prayers and generous support from friends like you.

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In addition, we worked really hard on our $30 Tabs Initiative.

We got I-976 qualified, passed, and upheld by that King County Judge (it’s still on hold because of the AG’s sabotage). Karen and I sacrificed a lot — we sold off our retirement fund and loaned $500K to kickstart its signature drive.

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Thanks everyone.

I love you all.