When I wrote about $30 Tabs and my civil disobedience in not renewing, I forgot to talk about this…

by | Aug 21, 2020

In Monday’s update, I wrote about not renewing my tabs for the past 11 months.

Let’s remember: voters last November overwhelmingly passed a law making certain vehicle taxes and fees illegal (the ones on top of the $30 “base fee”). That law was approved by voters and it was found constitutional by that King County judge.

So paying those taxes and fees is against the law.

So when I/you/we refuse to pay illegal taxes and fees, aren’t I/you/we actually following the law?

Not renewing vehicle tabs is not a crime. It’s not a moving violation (so there’s no impact on insurance). It is the equivalent of a parking ticket.

Always know this: there are millions of vehicles in WA state and not that many law enforcement officers. So the chances are very slim you will get pulled over for expired tabs.

But if you’re one of the few who is, what do you say to the officer? Explain your position: “hello officer, it’s not that I forgot to pay my car tabs. I’m willing to pay $30 but since the voters passed the initiative and the judge upheld it, this is a peaceful protest. That being the case, officer, I ask you to please use your discretion and issue me with a warning.”

As I learned (twice), many officers understand what’s going on, are sympathetic, and will issue a warning.

But what if you do receive a ticket? On the back of every ticket, it gives you the chance to appeal it. Mark “contest it”.

Because of COVID, the court system is backed up. It’ll be several months before it gets heard. You can do an appeal in writing.

Judges very often reduce the ticket amount to court costs which are often $25 – $75.

To review:

1) Likelihood of getting pulled over? Low
2) Likelihood you’ll get a warning if you are pulled over? High
3) If you do get a ticket and appeal, it’ll be months before it’s heard.
4) Likelihood the judge will knock it down to minor court costs? High

To me, not renewing my tabs is a worthy protest with low risk, minimal costs, and there’s strength in numbers.

Jay Inslee is counting on citizens just rolling over and accepting his verdict that “voters were confused.”

We were not.

Consider joining me in my civil disobedience.

Rest assured, my run for Governor only enhanced my commitment to fight for our country and for the people of the state of Washington.

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In addition, we worked really hard on our $30 Tabs Initiative.

We got I-976 qualified, passed, and upheld by that King County Judge (it’s still on hold because of the AG’s sabotage). Karen and I sacrificed a lot — we sold off our retirement fund and loaned $500K to kickstart its signature drive.

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Thanks everyone.

I love you all.