75% of folks who testified on HB 1876 were OPPOSED to this horrendous anti-initiative bill. 

HELP ME STOP THIS BILL FROM EMPOWERING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL TO SABOTAGE ANY INITIATIVE HE DOESN’T LIKE. Tell legislators: “Don’t let Bob Ferguson sabotage initiatives — oppose HB 1876 — don’t let the AG undermine initiatives he doesn’t like.”

Join me in Olympia tomorrow for the court hearing on my lawsuit challenging Inslee for abuse of power (Eyman v Inslee). It’s happening Fri, Jan 21st @ 9:00 am (I’ll be there at 8:30am) at the Thurston County courthouse, Bldg 2, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW, Olympia. 

Thurs, Jan 20, 2022

229 against it, 73 for it.

That’s 75% OPPOSED!

3/4 of the people who signed in on the bill were opposed to this horrendous anti-initiative bill (HB 1876).

Help me hammer this home with legislators (instructions below).

The state supreme court ruled that AG Bob Ferguson wrote a “misleading and deceptive” ballot title for our $30 Tabs Initiative. 

After the court issued its ruling taking away our $30 Tabs, the AG celebrated the outcome.

That happened under the current system — mandated for the past 100 years — where the AG is required to write neutral descriptions for ALL initiatives.

For 100 years, anyone who thought the AG was sabotaging an initiative by describing it in an unbiased way, they can appeal it and have a judge rewrite the description to make it neutral. 

House Bill 1876 — which has already been scheduled to be voted on by this committee on Wed, Jan 26th — empowers Bob Ferguson to sabotage initiatives he doesn’t like.

The bill mandates the AG insert a sentence ONLY INTO BALLOT TITLES FOR TAX INITIATIVES.

And that EXTRA sentence will purposely create bias against the initiative.

And contrary to 100 years of precedent, the bill makes it illegal for citizens to challenge the AG’s biased language in court.

No appeal. 


Because any judge would rule that this new sentence blatantly violates the neutrality law on initiative ballot titles.

Since they’ve already scheduled a committee vote on this bill next Wednesday, it’s clear this is the anti-initiative bill they REALLY want.

Please watch my brief testimony against it (click on image):

If that doesn’t work, click here or here: https://youtu.be/JhNheVHcPBE

I need your help to stop the bill from empowering Bob Ferguson to sabotage even more initiatives (like he did with our $30 tabs initiative). 

Email all 147 legislators right now — I’ve made it really easy: 

Copy & paste this into the Subject line:
75% of folks testifying on House Bill 1876 were OPPOSED to this anti-initiative bill. HB 1876 violates the neutrality laws by empowering the AG to sabotage any initiative he doesn’t like by inserting a biased sentence into ballot titles for tax initiatives. Worse still, it makes it illegal for citizens to access the courts to ensure neutrality. Oppose this horrible anti-initiative bill.

Copy & paste this (or something like this) into the body of the email (tell ’em how you feel):
I want all 147 legislators to fight back against this horrendous ANTI-INITIATIVE BILL — 75% of folks testifying on House Bill 1876 were OPPOSED to this anti-initiative bill. HB 1876 violates the neutrality laws by empowering the AG to sabotage any initiative he doesn’t like. Worse still, it makes it illegal for citizens to access the courts to oversee the process. Oppose this horrible anti-initiative bill.

Send 2 separate emails: one to the Senate and one to the House.

STATE SENATORS: Copy & paste into the “To” line:  
andy.billig@leg.wa.gov; john.braun@leg.wa.gov; sharon.brown@leg.wa.gov; reuven.carlyle@leg.wa.govannette.cleveland@leg.wa.govsteve.conway@leg.wa.govmona.das@leg.wa.govmanka.dhingra@leg.wa.govperry.dozier@leg.wa.govsimon.sefzik@leg.wa.govphil.fortunato@leg.wa.govdavid.frockt@leg.wa.govchris.gildon@leg.wa.govbob.hasegawa@leg.wa.govbrad.hawkins@leg.wa.govjeff.holy@leg.wa.govjim.honeyford@leg.wa.govsam.hunt@leg.wa.govkaren.keiser@leg.wa.govcurtis.king@leg.wa.govpatty.kuderer@leg.wa.govmarko.liias@leg.wa.govliz.lovelett@leg.wa.govjohn.lovick@leg.wa.govjim.mccune@leg.wa.govmark.mullet@leg.wa.govron.muzzall@leg.wa.govjoe.nguyen@leg.wa.govtwina.nobles@leg.wa.govmike.padden@leg.wa.govjamie.pedersen@leg.wa.govemily.randall@leg.wa.govann.rivers@leg.wa.govjune.robinson@leg.wa.govchristine.rolfes@leg.wa.govRebecca.Saldana@Leg.wa.govjesse.salomon@leg.wa.govmark.schoesler@leg.wa.govtimothy.sheldon@leg.wa.govshelly.short@leg.wa.govderek.stanford@leg.wa.govyasmin.trudeau@leg.wa.govkevin.vandewege@leg.wa.govkeith.wagoner@leg.wa.govjudy.warnick@leg.wa.govlisa.wellman@leg.wa.govclaire.wilson@leg.wa.govjeff.wilson@leg.wa.govlynda.wilson@leg.wa.govltgov@ltgov.wa.govsteve.hobbs@sos.wa.govtim.eyman@gmail.com

HOUSE MEMBERS: Copy & paste into the “To” line: 

SEND ‘EM RIGHT AWAY (if you have a problem, just email me and I’ll be happy to help).

Is it any wonder the AG is pushing for a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?  

I can’t make any money doing my political activism.

I can’t make any money with my lawsuit against Inslee for abusing his power.

I don’t have the same rights as other Americans do anymore.

So I’m urging you — while I’m fighting to help our state and our nation with my initiative efforts and my lawsuit against Inslee — please help me fight back against Fascist Fergie by donating to my legal defense fund.

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Don’t let the guy who took away our $30 Tabs get away with this:

As you know, we worked really hard on our $30 Tabs Initiative:

We got I-976 qualified and passed even after opponents spent $5 million lying to voters (and using taxpayer money too).

Karen and I sacrificed a lot — we sold off our retirement fund to kickstart its signature drive: 

I’m still fighting to get us our $30 Tabs:

And now a message from Larry Jensen & Sid Maietto:

We’re asking folks to donate to our PAC so we can keep fighting for taxpayers with initiatives sponsored by the three of us (Tim, Sid, & Larry).

The taxpayers of Washington need our help now more than ever. Donate to our political committee so we can keep fighting for you:

Mail your check — made payable to “Permanent Offense” — to: Permanent Offense, PO Box 6151, Olympia, WA, 98507
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Kindest Regards, 

Sid Maietto & Larry Jensen

— END —

Thanks everyone.

We love you all.

Larry, Tim, & Sid