Democrats set a trap for us in their Income Tax bill. DON’T LET OUR SIDE FALL FOR IT … AGAIN!

Mon, March 8, 2021

On Saturday, the Democrat-controlled senate voted 25-24 for Inslee’s Income Tax bill (ESSB 5096). 

Little noticed during the floor vote was this: Democrat Steve Hobbs’ amendment passed and it removes the emergency clause from the bill. And unlike all the other amendments, there was no debate — it was quickly and quietly approved. So the Democrats made sure the citizens are able to do a referendum on the bill as soon as Inslee signs it into law.

Good news, right?


Ask yourself this: why would the Democrats — who want the bill to become law — allow our side to do a referendum?

Because it’s a trap and they’re counting on our side falling for it … AGAIN!

Last year, in 2020, Gov. Inslee signed into law the Sex Education For Kids bill. The Democrats made sure to not include an emergency clause even though they could have. Our side fell for the trap, filed a referendum, and got R-90 on the ballot for a vote. Our side lost. Why? Because referendums are a trap.

In 2012, when Gov. Gregoire signed into law the Gay Marriage bill, the Democrats made sure to not include an emergency clause even though they could have. Our side fell for the trap, filed a referendum, and got R-74 on the ballot for a vote. Our side lost. Why? Because referendums are a trap.

When the Democrats roll out the red carpet for our side to take a particular path, it’s because they want us to take it.

Why are referendums a trap? There are many reasons – here’s 2:

1) During the signature drive for a referendum, everyone is asking voters to SUPPORT the referendum by signing the petition. But then, after it qualifies, everyone has to do a 180 and ask voters to REJECT the referendum at the ballot box. This is very confusing to a lot of voters because it’s a “No Means Yes” question.

2) Once someone files a referendum on the bill, it goes to the Attorney General and he writes a ballot title describing the bill’s policies. And because the Democrats are masters at adding manipulative Orwellian language that hides what the bill actually does, the AG simply copies that manipulative Orwellian language into the referendum’s ballot title.

The Democrats would NEVER allow the removal of the emergency clause if they didn’t WANT our side to fall for their trap and do a referendum.


Our side devoted a tremendous amount of effort and financial resources toward the R-90 and R-74 campaigns. And our side lost both times.

But in both cases, there were initiatives that would’ve accomplished the same policy goal — check out these side-by-side comparisons:

Here was the description for REFERENDUM 90 in 2020:

And here was the description for the initiative:

I believe the voters would’ve passed that initiative.

Here was the description for REFERENDUM 74 in 2012:

And here was the description for the initiative:

I believe the voters would’ve passed that initiative.

Referendums are a trap.

Our side fell for it twice.

Let’s not make it 3.

Our “No Income Tax Initiative” is the only effective way to kill off Inslee’s Income Tax bill. By prohibiting any kind of income tax, including a capital gains income tax, not only does the initiative stop ESSB 5096, but it prohibits any future income tax proposals. 

That’ll get 70% of the vote!

As soon as the House passes ESSB 5096 and Inslee signs it into law, there will be people telling everyone to support their lawsuits and referendums.

Some will be allies.

Some will be RINOs working for the Democrats.

Either way, their efforts will divide us and distract us from the path that has the best chance at succeeding: our initiative.

Remember, a referendum is a trap (why else would the Democrats allow the Democrat-sponsored amendment removing the emergency clause to pass?).

And a lawsuit? Inslee says he’s “very confident” the supreme court will uphold it.

Why? Because a lawsuit will only ask this: “9 judges on the supreme court, do 5 of you believe this particular bill is constitutional?” There’s language in ESSB 5096 that gives plenty of cover for 5 to uphold it (why else would Inslee be so confident?)

But our No Income Tax Initiative asks a totally different question: “Voters of Washington state, do you want to prohibit any kind of income tax (which includes ESSB 5096)?” Not only is this a better question to ask but it’s a question being asked and answered by the voters, not liberal judges.

I’ve been doing this for 22 years and I’ve learned a lot during that time. And one of the biggies is this: the Democrats are exceptionally good at getting our side to fall for their traps. Let’s not do that again here with Inslee’s Income Tax bill. 

Qualifying initiatives for the ballot is really tough — but we’ve done it 17 times. Getting voter approval for initiatives is really challenging — and yet we’ve done it 11 times.

We’ve been successful because we always stay on offense: PERMANENT OFFENSE.

I’m 100% committed to appealing these ridiculously unconstitutional restrictions on the First Amendment because if they get away with it with me, you could be next!

But we need your help to do it.

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Thanks everyone.

I love you all.