For lowering car tab taxes & property taxes $46.9 billion, please donate to my legal defense fund. I’m doing all I can to give you VALUE for helping me.

 Wed, March 4, 2022

If not for our $30 Tabs Initiatives in 1999, 2002, and 2019, car tab taxes would be 3.3% of the inflated value of all vehicles in Washington.

Because of our initiatives, there is no statewide car tab tax based on a vehicle’s value.

In 36 counties, the ones outside the Puget Sound, car tabs cost in the $60 to $120 range (because of weight fees, etc).

In the areas where Sound Transit imposes car tab taxes within Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties, the rate is 1.1% of a vehicle’s value.

Not 3.3%, but 1.1%.

So car tab taxes are 2/3 lower than they would’ve been if not for our initiatives.

It is a gross injustice and extreme insult to the citizens of Washington that car tabs aren’t $30 as voters have demanded 3 times at the ballot box.

But it is absolutely undeniable that taxpayers have saved hundreds and many times thousands of dollars every year for the past 22 years because of our $30 Tabs Initiatives.


The state government used to raise property taxes 6% EVERY year. Counties increased them 6% EVERY year, cities 6% EVERY year, port districts 6%, fire/library/park districts 6% EVERY YEAR.

All those “6 percents” compounded year after year after year to the point that property taxes were absolutely SKYROCKETING and regular taxpayers were being taxed out of their homes.

So in 2001, we sponsored Initiative 747 and it limited increases by state and local governments to 1% per year (anything higher required voter approval).

I was vilified for it.

But despite those attacks, the voters overwhelmingly passed our initiative.

And so, starting in 2002, the state only raised property taxes 1% per year, counties only 1% per year, cities only 1% per year, other local governments only 1% per year.

Compounding “1 percents” instead of “6 percents” makes a huge difference.

CONSIDER THIS: whatever amount your property taxes have increased over the years, those increases would’ve been 6 TIMES HIGHER if not for the passage of our initiative.

Here’s how much taxpayers have saved in total:

For lowering car tab taxes and property taxes $46.9 billion, please donate to my legal defense fund today:

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We must appeal the AG’s ridiculously unconstitutional restrictions on the First Amendment. Because if I walk away from this fight, he’ll just target someone else.

And I refuse to let that happen.

I’m only here is because of the love and support of folks like you who’ve seen this governmental bullying and are willing to help me and my family get through this.

I love you all.

And now a message from Larry Jensen & Sid Maietto:

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Sid Maietto & Larry Jensen

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Thanks everyone.

Larry, Tim, & Sid

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