Here’s why we still have the initiative process in Washington state.

Tues, Oct 26th, 2021

We’ve been qualifying and passing initiatives in Washington state for 22 years. The voters repeatedly agree with us on limiting taxes and holding state and local governments accountable.

This has built up a tremendous amount of resentment by the powerful and their puppet politicians.

So legislative session after legislative session, politicians have introduced bills to make the signature gathering process even harder than it already is. 

Every year, we ask our supporters to email and call and testify against these bills.

So far, we’ve been able to beat them back.

One particular year — 2006 — they really went after the initiative process.

And we pulled out all the stops to protect it.

Here’s a report I wrote about it at the time:


To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state (cc’d to house & senate politicians and all media outlets)
From: Tim Eyman

KOMO 4 news did the most extensive and informative story on yesterday’s hearing on the Legislature’s attempt to gut the initiative process through their sneaky, underhanded ‘death by regulation’ schemes. Our protest and testimony against their anti-initiative bills was reported thoroughly.

NEWSCASTER DAN LEWIS: “Have you seen what Tim Eyman did today? He showed up at the state legislature with tape over his mount, wearing jail garb and chains. He’s protesting what he calls an assault on the right to launch initiative campaigns – which Eyman is famous for (during his commentary behind him is a blue sign with caption – BOUND AND GAGGED – with a color shot of me with my mouth covered by silver duct tape wearing an orange jumpsuit with ‘JAIL BIRD’ on the chest).

DAN LEWIS: “KOMO 4’s Keith Eldridge reports that several Democrats are pushing for limits on the initiative process.”

KEITH ELDRIDGE: “Tim Eyman realizes that an entrance like this can be somewhat comical.” (During his commentary, we’re shown shuffling into the Senate hearing room chained and gagged wearing orange jumpsuits).

KEITH ELDRIDGE: “But he says the message is dead serious. He fears there’s an attempt to bind and gag the initiative process.”

EYMAN TESTIFYING: “When a top legislative priority is trying to take away the rights of citizens to be able to participate in the initiative process, they (the people) don’t want to reward that.”

ELDRIDGE: “He points to a bill that would prohibit signature gatherers from being paid per signature. The sponsor of the bill says in Oregon paid signature gatherers were forging them.”

SEATTLE DEMOCRAT JEANNE KOHL-WELLES: “Clearly, and I believe strongly, when a signature gatherer is paid on a per signature basis, there is a potential for fraud” (EYMAN RESPONDS: the single incident of alleged fraud in Oregon involved a person being paid per hour, NOT per signature).

ELDRIDGE: “But Eyman says it’ll triple the cost of collecting signatures if you have to pay gatherers by the hour.”

EYMAN TESTIFYING: “When you’re micromanaging and trying to kill off initiatives by killing off the signature gathering process, you’re preventing the voters from even having the opportunity to be able to vote on this stuff.”

ELDRIDGE: “Democrat Senator Ken Jacobsen is going beyond that. He wants to get rid of initiatives and referendums.”

SEATTLE DEMOCRAT KEN JACOBSEN (from a safe liberal Seattle seat): “If people don’t like the decisions I make, I say ‘Don’t reelect me’.”

ELDRIDGE: “They point out that Washington is one of only 24 states that allows the initiative and referendum process. And in fact, nationwide there is no process.”

ELDRIDGE: “Republicans say the initiative process is vital.”

AUBURN REPUBLICAN PAM ROACH: “The people cannot rein in a government unless there’s a check and balance and that’s why we have the initiative and referendum process.”

ELDRIDGE: “But the chair of the committee said that all of this is just for discussion purposes.”

PUYALLUP DEMOCRAT JIM KASTAMA: “It’s part of the dialogue. I assure you it is not the priority of this legislature to stop you from doing your initiatives.”

ELDRIDGE: “Still, it’s enough of a scare for Tim Eyman to go to this length to draw attention to the issue.” (During his commentary, with the Capitol Dome in the background, we’re shown chained and gagged holding orange signs that read: Just get it over with. Pass a law that requires this. SEE PHOTO ABOVE.)

ELDRIDGE: “In Olympia, Keith Eldridge, KOMO 4 news.”

— END —

As I work on qualifying the 7 Election Integrity Initiatives in 7 key swing states, I’ve seen that legislators in those states were able to pass a bunch of these anti-initiative laws. They really make the process even tougher.

Fortunately in Washington state, we’ve worked really hard to protect the initiative process from these legislative attacks for 2 decades.

That’s why we still have the initiative process in Washington state.

We’re moving full steam ahead on Jim Walsh’s anti-income-tax initiative (I-1408) here and 7 Election Integrity Initiatives in 7 key swing states.

Right now, I’m only urging you — while I’m fighting to help our state and our nation with my initiative efforts — is to help me fight back against Fascist Fergie by donating to my legal defense fund.

I’m very grateful for all the prayers and support of thousands of you who helped me and my family survive this blatant abuse of power by the AG.

Please donate TODAY so I can pay Richard Sanders to appeal these ridiculously unconstitutional restrictions:

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Thanks everyone.

We love you all.

Larry, Tim, & Sid