Inslee has lied to us 58 billion times. Despite repeated promises to veto any tax increase, he never did. Not even once. He’s signed into law $58.1 billion in higher taxes. How do we know that? Tax advisory votes.



Fri, Nov 12th, 2021

Despite repeated promises to veto any tax increase, Inslee never did.

Not even once.

If a tax increase passed the Legislature, Inslee signed it into law.

Every single time.

There have been 38 tax increases since 2012.

How much did Inslee’s tax increases cost?

$58.3 billion.

How do we know that?

Tax advisory votes.

Tax advisory votes are mandated because voters passed our tax initiatives in 2007, 2010, and 2012.

So every time Inslee lied and signed some of those 38 tax hikes into law, the voters had the chance to vote on each one. And with every one of them, the state budget office (OFM) was required to calculate how much those tax increases cost the taxpayers.

So Inslee’s budget office confirms and verifies that Inslee’s 38 tax hikes cost taxpayers $58.3 billion.

So Inslee lied to us 58 billion times.

Here’s the breakdown:

Tax advisory votes are an invaluable tool that the voters created to keep the people informed.

And thanks to them, we know how many times Inslee lied to us: 58 billion times.

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