INSLEE’S LATEST IDIOCY: he’s destroying the sport of wrestling in WA state.

I love the sport of wrestling.

I wouldn’t have been able to survive the snake-pit of politics without it.

And Inslee is destroying it.


I was born and raised in Yakima.

I started wrestling in 7th grade.

They took pictures on the first day.

I didn’t even know what a “wrestling stance” was.

So this was me on day 1:

 Scrawny is the word when I see that (embarrassing) picture.

For a long time, I lost — a lot.

But I stayed with it.

And year after year, I got a little bit better, a little bit stronger.

I wrestled at West Valley Junior High and then at West Valley High School.

In 1984 (!!!), during my senior year, I wrestled at 158 pounds:

I wasn’t a great wrestler — but I stuck with it and did pretty well — at the state tournament, I placed 4th.

I got an academic scholarship to WSU so I thought I was done with wrestling.

But encouraged by a good friend on the WSU wrestling team, I was a “walk-on”. 

The practices were brutally hard.

But I stuck with it.

The guys on WAZZU’s wrestling team — the ones who were there on scholarship — were great.

Wrestling against them made me better.

My sophomore year I wrestled at 177 pounds:

That year, I wrestled in the PAC-10 championships. In the opening match, I lost to this guy from the University of Oregon:

But in the semi-finals, I beat this guy from Oregon State University:

So in my sophomore year as a walk-on, I placed 3rd in the PAC-10:

WAZZU’s wrestling program was discontinued after that season.

Nonetheless, I found ways to keep doing it — this photo was taken at a campus event my junior year: 

And this was at a campus event my senior year:

I love the sport of wrestling.

And Inslee is destroying it.


In wrestling, you are pedal-to-the-metal at all times.

It’s intense.

Often times you’re gasping for air.

And Inslee is making wrestlers wear masks.

That’s gonna be brutal for them.

But that’s only the beginning of Inslee’s idiocy.

Consider this: you’re going to have two wrestlers all over each other (literally) for an entire match:

But Inslee is prohibiting wrestlers from shaking hands before the match and not letting them shake hands after the match.


To limit exposure to their opponent.


One of the most honorable aspects of wrestling is the tradition that you shake hands with your opponent before and after.

And Inslee is taking that away.

And for the stupidest of reasons.

But there’s more.

Going back to ancient Greece, the winner of the match has been given the great honor of having the referee raise their hand in victory.

I had plenty of matches where I lost and had to watch my opponent’s hand raised (I didn’t save any of those pictures 😊).

But there were times where the referee raised mine.

After a hard fought match, it’s an incredible feeling:

And Inslee isn’t allowing it anymore. Instead of raising the winner’s hand, the ref can only point at the winner.


Yes, really!

The new rules even say that referees are prohibited from touching the wrestlers. Refs have an incredibly difficult job, making sure to protect each wrestler from hurting the other, and sometimes protecting both of them from colliding with the scorekeepers table, the bleachers, etc.

Now the refs won’t be allowed to.

Student athletes — in grade school, junior high, high school and college — for the past year have been robbed of the some of the most important memories and lessons and challenges of their lives.

Jay Inslee is hurting a sport that made me tough enough to survive and thrive in the snake pit of politics for 22 years.

This kid — without wrestling — never could’ve.

Because of wrestling (and the love and support from all of you), I’ve been able to withstand the AG’s onslaught for the past 8 1/2 years.

Please help me continue to fight back against this corrupt AG and appeal these ridiculously unconstitutional restrictions on free speech. This craziness is a legal and political precedent that cannot stand.



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