Lower car tabs and caps on property tax increases have saved taxpayers $46.9 billion so far but I think our numerous 2/3 initiatives saved us more.

Tues, July 13, 2021

Our tax reducing initiatives have directly saved taxpayers over $46.9 billion so far.

And that’s really amazing.

But I think that our numerous 2/3 initiatives saved us even more.

In 2007, we sponsored Initiative 960. It required a 2/3 vote of the legislature for any tax increase (and other policies that made it tougher for the legislature to raise taxes — tax advisory votes, etc).

We got enough signatures to qualify for a vote.

Big government groups filed a lawsuit to try to keep it off the ballot.

But the state supreme court issued a unanimous ruling saying voters had the right to vote on it.

Opponents spent a ton of money while we spent nothing and when the vote was tallied, the people had overwhelmingly passed it.

Big government groups filed a lawsuit to overturn it but the state supreme court unanimously rejected their legal challenge and the initiative stayed in effect from December 2007 until February 2010.

In 2008, the Great Recession hit and citizens and businesses were brutalized, resulting in tax revenues plummeting for the government. The state budget actually got smaller by a couple billion dollars.

And yet, despite the Democrats having near super-majority control of the House and Senate, there wasn’t a single tax increase imposed.


Because of the 2/3 vote requirement in voter-approved I-960.

Without that protection, Democrats would’ve gone nuts raising taxes. Billions imposed on struggling taxpayers from new income taxes, carbon taxes, pay-per-mile taxes, “temporary” sales tax increases, gas tax increases, property tax increases.

Anything and everything would’ve been taxed.

Instead, the Democrats were forced to prioritize spending with existing revenue and didn’t raise a single tax.

Taxpayers saved billions and billions of dollars from that.

In February 2010, the first bill that Gregoire signed into law was the suspension of the 2/3 vote requirement.

Here’s me at the bill signing expressing my displeasure with that:

We immediately went to work to bring back the 2/3 with Initiative 1053. By taking out a 2nd mortgage on my house and loaning $250,000 to kick start the signature drive, we qualified it for the ballot.

Opponents spent a bunch of money, but nearly 65% of voters passed the initiative.

It took effect in December 2010.

In 2011 and 2012, there weren’t any tax hikes.

Why? Because of voter-approved I-1053 and the 2/3 vote requirement.

Without that protection, Democrats would’ve said to themselves “we suspended the 2/3, raised alot of taxes in 2010, and voters didn’t care — so let’s keep raising them.”

But because of that initiative, we were protected for another 2 years from billions in higher taxes.

In 2012, we proactively sponsored Initiative 1185 to reinforce the 2/3 vote requirement (before the Democrats could suspend it again). It qualified for the ballot and got more votes than any initiative in state history — passing in all 39 counties including King County.

But a few months later, the supreme court reversed 20 years of legal precedent and ruled that the 2/3 vote requirement wasn’t constitutional.

Then Inslee came into power and without the 2/3 to restrain him, he’s gone bonkers raising taxes ever since.

My point is this: those 2/3 initiatives saved the citizens and small businesses of Washington state billions and billions and billions of dollars by stopping tax hikes during that critical 4-year period (2008-2012).

We can easily add up how much we’ve saved taxpayers in lower car tab taxes and lower property tax increases ($46.9B).

But we can’t quantify how much we’ve saved taxpayers from all the new taxes and tax increases we stopped during that time in our state’s history.

But I think we saved taxpayers more from those initiatives than all the others.

My notice of appeal must be filed no later than this Thurs, July 15th or else the AG’s ridiculously unconstitutional rulings stand FOREVER.

This insanity MUST BE appealed … but I need your help to do it

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As you know, we worked really hard on Initiative 976 — here’s when we turned in 350,000 voter signatures to qualify it for the ballot:

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Thanks everyone.

I love you all.