My court battles have exposed the AG’s transparent attempt to hide information from the voters to protect the Democrats’ capital gains income tax.

Fri, April 22, 2022

Several times last year and several times this year, I’ve been in courtrooms in Olympia fighting with the Attorney General over his official descriptions of initiatives that eliminate the capital gains income tax.

This is the massive new tax that was enacted in 2021, that is being calculated in 2022, and that is set to begin being collected in 2023. 

It is the gateway drug to the Democrats’ Holy Grail: a statewide income tax on all of us.

But in a Waterville Washington courtroom in February, a Douglas County judge ruled it was unconstitutional — saying the tax “is properly characterized as an income tax.”

But Ferguson immediately announced he was appealing that decision directly to the state supreme court.

So that means in several months, judges on the state supreme court will either affirm or reverse that decision.

The AG only needs 5 of these 9 to overturn 100 years of legal precedent to allow this tax and any other kind of income tax in the future.

We can sit back and hope that 5 of those 9 will do the right thing. 

Or an initiative can be put on the ballot to eliminate this kind of income tax and any other kind of income tax.

The law requires the AG to describe — in a neutral way — what the initiative does. 

But here, Ferguson has a clear conflict — he supports the tax.

And he’s fighting in court to get them to uphold the tax.

So how badly does Ferguson want to undermine any initiative that eliminates the capital gains tax?

A lot.

The easiest way to do that is by withholding information from the voters.

That’s what Ferguson is doing.

Read my opening brief challenging the AG’s ballot title for one of those initiatives that eliminates the capital gains tax (click on the image to read it):

If that doesn’t work, click here.

I’m eager to get your feedback on this.

Thank you for supporting me and being in my corner so I can continue to do what I was born to do.

I love you all.


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