EVERYONE send emails to all 147 legislators (I’ve made it easy): “No Income Taxes, No Carbon Taxes, NO MORE TAX INCREASES!” 

Lots of income tax bills and carbon tax bills and other tax increase bills are getting voted on. Legislators need to hear from us.

Watch my testimony against Kshama Sawant’s “wealth tax“:

“This is a great day for Socialist Kshama Sawant. Every Democrat has signed onto this bill. Socialism has never worked in all of human history. But that just never seems to slow down those people who continue to push it.

It’s just a Pandora’s box.

“If you allow this on some of us it will eventually be imposed on all of us.”

There are legions of tax bills besides this one. Lots of them are getting voted on THIS WEEK.

Send 2 separate emails: one to Senate and one to the House.

Copy and paste into the Subject line:

I oppose all of Socialist Kshama Sawant’s schemes. No Income Taxes, No carbon Taxes, NO MORE TAX INCREASES! 

SENATORS: Copy and paste into the “To:” line:

andy.billig@leg.wa.gov; john.braun@leg.wa.gov; sharon.brown@leg.wa.gov ; reuven.carlyle@leg.wa.gov annette.cleveland@leg.wa.gov; steve.conway@leg.wa.gov ; j.darneille@leg.wa.gov; mona.das@leg.wa.gov; manka.dhingra@leg.wa.gov; perry.dozier@leg.wa.gov; doug.ericksen@leg.wa.gov ; phil.fortunato@leg.wa.gov; david.frockt@leg.wa.gov ; chris.gildon@leg.wa.gov; bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.gov ; brad.hawkins@leg.wa.gov; steve.hobbs@leg.wa.gov ; jeff.holy@leg.wa.gov; jim.honeyford@leg.wa.gov ; sam.hunt@leg.wa.gov ; karen.keiser@leg.wa.gov ; curtis.king@leg.wa.gov ; patty.kuderer@leg.wa.gov; marko.liias@leg.wa.gov; liz.lovelett@leg.wa.gov; jim.mccune@leg.wa.gov ; mark.mullet@leg.wa.gov; ron.muzzall@leg.wa.gov; joe.nguyen@leg.wa.gov; twina.nobles@leg.wa.gov; mike.padden@leg.wa.gov ; jamie.pedersen@leg.wa.gov ; emily.randall@leg.wa.gov; ann.rivers@leg.wa.gov ; june.robinson@leg.wa.gov; christine.rolfes@leg.wa.gov; Rebecca.Saldana@Leg.wa.gov; jesse.salomon@leg.wa.gov ; mark.schoesler@leg.wa.gov ; timothy.sheldon@leg.wa.gov; shelly.short@leg.wa.gov; derek.stanford@leg.wa.gov; kevin.vandewege@leg.wa.gov ; keith.wagoner@leg.wa.gov; judy.warnick@leg.wa.gov; lisa.wellman@leg.wa.gov; claire.wilson@leg.wa.gov; jeff.wilson@leg.wa.gov; lynda.wilson@leg.wa.gov; ltgov@ltgov.wa.gov; tim.eyman@gmail.com

HOUSE MEMBERS: Copy & paste into the “To” line: 

peter.abbarno@leg.wa.govandrew.barkis@leg.wa.govjessica.bateman@leg.wa.govapril.berg@leg.wa.govsteve.bergquist@leg.wa.govliz.berry@leg.wa.govmatt.boehnke@leg.wa.govdan.bronoske@leg.wa.govmichelle.caldier@leg.wa.govlisa.callan@leg.wa.govkelly.chambers@leg.wa.gov; bruce.chandler@leg.wa.gov; mike.chapman@leg.wa.govrob.chase@leg.wa.gov; frank.chopp@leg.wa.gov; eileen.cody@leg.wa.gov; chris.corry@leg.wa.govlauren.davis@leg.wa.govtom.dent@leg.wa.govlaurie.dolan@leg.wa.govdavina.duerr@leg.wa.govjeremie.dufault@leg.wa.govmary.dye@leg.wa.gov; debra.entenman@leg.wa.gov; carolyn.eslick@leg.wa.gov; jake.fey@leg.wa.gov; joe.fitzgibbon@leg.wa.gov; noel.frame@leg.wa.govgreg.gilday@leg.wa.gov; keith.goehner@leg.wa.gov; roger.goodman@leg.wa.gov; jenny.graham@leg.wa.gov; mia.gregerson@leg.wa.gov; dan.griffey@leg.wa.govdavid.hackney@leg.wa.govdrew.hansen@leg.wa.gov; paul.harris@leg.wa.gov; kirsten.harris-talley@leg.wa.govlarry.hoff@leg.wa.govcyndy.jacobsen@leg.wa.gov; laurie.jinkins@leg.wa.gov; jesse.johnson@leg.wa.gov; steve.kirby@leg.wa.gov; mark.klicker@leg.wa.gov; brad.klippert@leg.wa.gov; shelley.kloba@leg.wa.govvicki.kraft@leg.wa.govjoel.kretz@leg.wa.govmari.leavitt@leg.wa.govdebra.lekanoff@leg.wa.gov; john.lovick@leg.wa.gov; drew.macewen@leg.wa.gov; nicole.macri@leg.wa.govjacquelin.maycumber@leg.wa.govbob.mccaslin@leg.wa.govjoel.mcentire@leg.wa.govmelanie.morgan@leg.wa.govgina.mosbrucker@leg.wa.gov; ed.orcutt@leg.wa.gov; timm.ormsby@leg.wa.gov; lillian.ortiz-self@leg.wa.gov; tina.orwall@leg.wa.gov; dave.paul@leg.wa.govstrom.peterson@leg.wa.gov; gerry.pollet@leg.wa.gov; alex.ramel@leg.wa.govbill.ramos@leg.wa.gov; marcus.riccelli@leg.wa.gov; eric.robertson@leg.wa.govskyler.rude@leg.wa.govalicia.rule@leg.wa.gov; cindy.ryu@leg.wa.gov; sharontomiko.santos@leg.wa.gov; joe.schmick@leg.wa.gov; mike.sells@leg.wa.gov; tana.senn@leg.wa.gov; sharon.shewmake@leg.wa.govtarra.simmons@leg.wa.govvandana.slatter@leg.wa.gov; larry.springer@leg.wa.gov; mike.steele@leg.wa.govdrew.stokesbary@leg.wa.govmonica.stonier@leg.wa.govpat.sullivan@leg.wa.govrobert.sutherland@leg.wa.govjamila.taylor@leg.wa.govmy-linh.thai@leg.wa.gov; steve.tharinger@leg.wa.gov; javier.valdez@leg.wa.gov; brandon.vick@leg.wa.gov; mike.volz@leg.wa.govamy.walen@leg.wa.govjim.walsh@leg.wa.govemily.wicks@leg.wa.gov; jt.wilcox@leg.wa.gov; sharon.wylie@leg.wa.gov; alex.ybarra@leg.wa.govjesse.young@leg.wa.gov; tim.eyman@gmail.com

For the email, copy & paste this (or write your own):

I strongly oppose all of Socialist Kshama Sawant’s schemes and want you to reject all of them. HB 1406 (“wealth tax”), HB 1496 (“assets tax”), SB 5096 (“capital gains tax”), SB 5182 (blocks voters from voting on tax increases, censors the voters pamphlet, and hides legislators’ tax votes), and the legions of bills imposing higher fuel costs (carbon taxes, cap-and-trade, low carbon fuel standard). 

No Income Taxes, No Carbon Taxes, NO MORE TAX INCREASES! 

Until you give us our $30 Tabs, don’t even think about taking more of our money. I strongly oppose any tax hikes, especially now because of Inslee’s year-long lockdown!

— END —


I’m 100% committed to appealing these ridiculously unconstitutional restrictions on the First Amendment because if Ferguson gets away with it with me, you could be next!

It cost me everything to get through the trial after 8 1/2 years of AG persecution. Please help so we can get these ridiculous restrictions on free speech overturned: 

By Paypal 

By Debit Card / Credit Card

Mail-in donation: Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund, 500 106th Ave NE #709, Bellevue, WA, 98004

In addition, we worked really hard on our $30 Tabs Initiative:

Karen and I sacrificed a lot — we sold off our retirement fund for it:

And now, a message from Sid Maietto and Larry Jensen: 

“We’re asking folks to donate to our PAC so Tim can get paid back. And your donations will also help stop Inslee’s Income Tax and Carbon Tax Schemes with our initiatives which we are co-sponsoring with Tim Eyman.”

Donate online by Paypal/Debit/Credit Card here 

Or mail a check — made payable to “Permanent Offense” — to: Permanent Offense, PO Box 6151, Olympia, WA, 98507.

Taxpayers need our help now more than ever.

Kindest Regards, 

Sid Maietto & Larry Jensen 

— END —

Thanks everyone.

I love you all.