PURPOSE: your very existence wrapped up in the things you’re here to fulfill. Yesterday in Tacoma I was fulfilling my purpose: serving as a watchdog for the taxpayers. Every day I’m fighting for you is another day Bob Ferguson failed at his purpose.

Tues, Nov 29, 2022

Yesterday in Tacoma was a policy conference.

It was dominated by Democrats, political consultants, lobbyists, and liberal activists.

They were all there scheming on how to take more from us: more taxes, more freedom, and to build a bigger government. 

I was the skunk at the party. 

I sat in the back most of the time, just listening. 

During one session when they were talking about affordable housing, I asked:

It was like holding up a cross to a vampire — they couldn’t stand to even look at it. 

Again, during the policy sessions, I sat in the back.

But during the final session when the legislative leaders of the house and senate were talking, I sat at the front table right in front of them. 

When a liberal activist asked state senator Joe Nguyen, a Democrat from Seattle: “What are the Democrats going to do to fix our upside down tax code to make it more progressive?”

His response was: “Anything having to do with tax policy is always going to be tough. I mean, come on, Tim Eyman is sitting right there.”

My purpose — the reason I was put on this Earth — is to serve as a watchdog for the people.

And just by showing up … by being willing to be the skunk at the party … I forced those politicians, lobbyists, and activists to be reminded that they have to look over their shoulders because the people have the ability to fight back using the initiative process. 

And that’s the only reason Fascist Fergie is working so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity:

So every day that goes by where I’m serving my purpose as a watchdog for the people is another day Bob Ferguson has failed at his purpose which is to try to stop me/us.

I hope my efforts this year have shown you that I’m doing everything I can to give you VALUE for the assistance you’re providing to my legal defense fund.

But the only reason I’m still here and I’m still fighting is because good folks like you have seen this gross injustice and abuse of power by Bob Ferguson and are willing to help me fight back against it and refuse to let the AG get away with it.

I really need your help … please support my legal defense fund so Richard can appeal this absurd ruling so we will make sure this never happens to anyone else ever again.

Help me survive this so we can continue to score victories for the people of our state and our nation.

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With your help, I will keep fighting for the people across our nation with initiatives, lawsuits, lobbying, and helping elect more freedom-loving elected officials.

And now a message from Larry Jensen & Sid Maietto:

We’re asking folks to donate to our PAC so we can keep fighting for taxpayers with Jim Walsh’s initiative I-1491, the STOP ALL INCOME TAXES INITIATIVE. 

The taxpayers of Washington need our help now more than ever. Donate to our political committee so we can keep fighting for you:

Mail your check — made payable to “Permanent Offense I-1491” — to: Permanent Offense, PO Box 6151, Olympia, WA, 98507
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Kindest Regards, 

Sid Maietto & Larry Jensen

— END —

Thanks everyone.

Larry, Tim, & Sid

P.S. Again, please donate to my legal defense fund today:

Mail-in donation: Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund, 500 106th Ave NE #709, Bellevue, WA, 98004
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By PayPal (credit/debit card)