SKYROCKETING PROPERTY TAXES if this last minute surprise bill passes. Join me in telling all 147 legislators that you/we oppose House Bill 1362.

Fri, March 19, 2021

58% of voters passed Initiative 747 in 2001. It mandated that state government get an automatic 1% increase in property taxes every year and if it wanted more, it had to ask the voters permission with a public vote.

Same with counties, cities, ports, public utility districts, park districts, fire districts, library districts, mosquito districts, etc: they all get a guaranteed annual increase of 1% and if they want more, these governments must ask us for it.

In 2007, the state supreme court in a 5-4 decision ruled that voters did not understand what they were voting for (beyond absurd!).

But then Gov. Chris Gregoire called a special session of the Legislature. And they reinstated it exactly as it was before (I was there to “encourage” them:

The vote was 84-14 in the House and 39-9 in the Senate and Gregoire signed it into law.

So 58% of voters and 89% of legislators and a Democrat Governor demand that state and local governments get fixed increases but only with voter approval could they get more (and we learned during testimony that voters authorized such “levy lid lifts” 70% of the time).

In 2015, RINO Republicans like Chris Vance tried to get rid of it — we beat him back (here’s a column I wrote at the time).

In 2017, powerful special interests tried again — we beat ’em again (here’s a column I wrote about it).

It has saved taxpayers over $17.2 billion.

Now, this year, this session, at the last minute and without notice, the House Finance committee yesterday had a hearing on this surprise bill HB 1362 that obliterates the 1% cap. 

Our side knew nothing about it.

So it is imperative that all of us pound away at HB 1362.

Send 2 separate emails: one to Senate and one to the House.

Copy and paste into the Subject line:
I AM VISCERALLY OPPOSED TO SKYROCKETING PROPERTY TAXES. Don’t even think about supporting House Bill 1362.

SENATORS: Copy and paste into the “To:” line:

HOUSE MEMBERS: Copy & paste into the “To” line: 

For the email, copy & paste this (or write your own):
I AM VISCERALLY OPPOSED TO SKYROCKETING PROPERTY TAXES. Don’t even think about supporting House Bill 1362. 58% of voters overwhelmingly passed the 1% property tax cap. 89% of legislators and a Democrat Governor backed it.

So there’s been an overwhelming vote of the people and even a broader legislative vote for the 1% cap.

It’s important to know that governments get property taxes from multiple sources. Every year, they get property-tax revenue, as well as tax dollars from new construction, improvements, annexations, real-estate excise taxes, property-valuation increases and voter-approved levies. When added together, property taxes to government consistently rise faster than inflation.

But even that isn’t the whole story.

Governments get revenue not just from property taxes, but from many other taxes and fees as well. The fact is governments are taking plenty of money away from the taxpayers. And if they want more, all they have to do is ask the voters’ permission.

Some want to go back to the “good old days” when state and local governments could jack up property taxes as much as they wanted without voter approval. That would be horrible for taxpayers. But it’d be even worse for governments. Why? The 1% cap is a gift compared to what the taxpayers really want — across-the-board property-tax reductions.

Property taxes continue to be a huge burden for struggling working families. Take away the 1% with HB 1324, and property taxes would skyrocket. And if that happens, governments would inevitably face a rebellious electorate eager to support an initiative similar to California’s Proposition 13 that cuts and caps property taxes. Governments should consider themselves lucky that the 1% cap is in place.

The 1% limit has protected taxpayers for 21 years. It continues to have broad public support. Olympia shouldn’t take it away.

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