UPDATE: My lawsuit challenging Gov Inslee & AG Ferguson for abuse of power and “One-Man Lawmaking.” Read the newest court filing here (quote from Britney Spears’ hit song “Oops! … I did it again.”)

Thurs, Dec 9, 2021

Inslee is Washington’s dictator.

For over 600 days, we’ve been forced to live under One-Man Rule.

Without public hearings or public votes, Inslee has been imposing literally hundreds of brutally harmful rules.

And the legislative branch and the judicial branch have stood idly by and allowed Inslee’s overreach to proliferate.

Until last month.

The state supreme court last month ruled that in 2019 Inslee exceeded his executive authority regarding his partial vetoes of bills.

So I filed a lawsuit a few days later challenging his arrogant partial vetoes in 2021.

My Motion for Summary Judgment will stop fuel costs from SKYROCKETING by stopping the implementation of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the Cap-and-Trade bills that passed this session.

Here it is (it’ll be filed tomorrow, Fri, Dec 10 so suggestions or feedback are welcome) — click on the image to read it:

If that doesn’t work, click on this or this: https://permanentoffense.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Eyman-v-Inslee-Summary-Judgment-motion-1210-2021.pdf)

I hope you’ll read the whole thing but pages 2-4 are particularly noteworthy:

This year’s Legislature barely passed a bill that enacted a Low Carbon Fuel Standard (Engrossed Third Substitute House Bill No. 1091 – E3SHB 1091) and barely passed a bill that enacted a Cap-and-Trade Scheme (Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill No. 5126 – E2SSB 5126).

In both bills, the Legislature included a provision that explicitly delayed the implementation of these policies. This was referred to during the session as the “Grand Bargain.”

Governor Inslee broke the “Grand Bargain” and in his veto messages, he openly confessed his reason for doing so: to amend the bills and override the Legislature’s decision to delay the implementation of the bills’ policies and instead enact the bills’ policies immediately.

This was exactly the kind of “One-Man Lawmaking” that SRJ 140 was intended to stop (from the 1974 Voters Pamphlet: “SJR 140 will prevent one person from changing behind closed doors of his office bills which are the product of an open hearing process, accessible and visible to all citizens.” Eyman Decl. Ex. C.

That is exactly what Governor Inslee did with these two bills.

The Governor may sign or veto a bill, but the Constitution denies him the power to edit a bill or change its structure. This superior court (this same judge in fact) agreed with that argument and ruled against the Governor.

The state supreme court recently affirmed this superior court’s ruling saying “ … Governor Inslee exceeded his article III, section 12 veto power . . . We affirm the superior court’s orders on summary judgment in favor of the legislature.” Legislature v Inslee, 2021.

I’m reminded of Britney Spears’ hit song “Oops! … I Did It Again.”

Despite this superior court’s cogent, well-reasoned decision that his 2019 vetoes were illegal, Governor Inslee ignored this judicial determination and “did it again” this year with his partial veto of E3SHB 1091 (delay of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard) and with his partial veto of E2SSB 5126 (the delay of the Cap-and-Trade Scheme).

Britney Spears’ song included the line: “I’m not that innocent.”

Such is the case with Governor Inslee – he’s not that innocent.

In his veto message for E3SHB 1091, he admitted the reason for the partial veto: “Subsection (8) of Section 3 operates to delay … we cannot delay its implementation …”

For E2SSB 5126, he admitted his partial veto was for the same reason: “…the delayed effective date established in subsection (7) unnecessarily hinders our state’s ability to combat climate change …”

With his partial vetoes, the Governor shattered the “Grand Bargain” by overruling the Legislature’s carefully crafted compromise to authorize the policies but delay their implementation. In both instances, the Governor clearly intended to approve the bills but amend the substance of the bills by removing the subsections the Legislature included in the bills to delay the implementation of the policies in them.

This runs completely contrary to the voters’ decision in passing SJR 140 in 1974 and amending our state Constitution. They voted against “One-Man Lawmaking.” This superior court should, therefore, as it did the last time Governor Inslee issued illegal vetoes, declare that the Governor exceeded his constitutional authority (again) through his partial vetoes of E3SHB 1091 (the Low Carbon Fuel Standard) and E2SSB 5126 (the Cap and Trade Scheme).

— END —

Again, you can read the whole thing here (and no, the pictures of Britney Spears are not in the official brief).

It’s been over 230 days since Inslee issued his illegal vetoes and no one — certainly not Fascist Fergie — has filed a lawsuit challenging his unconstitutional actions.

Obviously the AG is too busy going after Karen and our kids:


Pure evil.

But I’m not letting him slow me down.

His persecution — draining me of everything I’ve ever earned in my lifetime — has only inspired me to work harder.

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