Video & pictures & my report on our launch of I-1408 “We Don’t Want Our Income Taxed.” Be a Mike Dunmire and/or help us connect w/ your Mike Dunmires.

Fri, Sept 10th, 2021

It was a perfect kick-off.

We couldn’t be more pleased with how it went.

I was honored to be the first signer:

Then Larry, Sid, Steve, Laurie, Myrna Lee, Brad, and Josh signed too:

And then we stood together in solidarity:

Here’s a YouTube video of our presentation (around 15 minutes) — click on the image below to watch it:

If that doesn’t work, try clicking here

You can read my remarks here.

You can read the text of the initiative here.

You can view the petition here:

We didn’t hand out blank petitions and we’re not going to mail out blank petitions to folks who ask for them.


Sid, Larry, and I value you and your time. We don’t want you collecting signatures unless all of us are successful in lining up the financial support that’s needed to get this initiative qualified.

And that’s only going to happen with a paid signature gathering drive.

In my remarks yesterday, I made it very clear: 

Deadline to turn in voter signatures: Dec. 30th

Number of voter signatures needed: 400,000

Cost for a paid signature drive that guarantees I-1408 qualifies for the November 2022 ballot: $2.7 million.

To get that many signatures (400K) in such a short time-frame (Sept 9th through Dec 30th), we NEED a handful of “Mike Dunmires” to quickly step in and finance this signature drive. In a 2005 edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal, super supporter Mike Dunmire explained why he donated so much: Why I donated $500K to Eyman’s initiative. He also said: “Washington’s been good to me, and I’ve been looking for a way to give something back, said Dunmire, 70. “Eyman is the only one out there who actually gets things done. Everybody talks,” Dunmire added, “but Eyman is all about action and getting in the trenches to fight for real solutions. The guy’s got guts, he takes the hits, and lets the voters decide. That’s appealing to me.” … Dunmire said he is willing to give more. “The limit is how long I live,” he said. “I call it public policy philanthropy — I’m not doing it for me, I’m doing it for the betterment of the state I live in and love.” 

We’re going to work really hard to find some Mike Dunmires to make I-1408 a reality. We NEED successful folks who are willing to break open their piggy banks to protect themselves and all of us from any kind of income tax NOW AND FOREVER.

Some of you can be a Mike Dunmire for this critical effort.

Many of you are friends with some Mike Dunmires.

Will you help us connect with them?

— END —

We need everyone to focus on fundraising for this initiative.

It’s the only way we’re going to make it.

So be a Mike Dunmire and/or help us find some Mike Dunmires.

We’re eager for your feedback.

We love you all.

Larry, Tim, and Sid